Ten in 2010

It’s January 18th, so I really have no excuse for being so behind on my “yearly roundup” posts.  Below, some of my favorite eats from 2010.  These should tide you over until my next post, which is coming shortly. (With a new recipe, too!)

Fried sweet potatoes at a festival in Tokyo

Yudoufu (tofu hot pot), à la "Japanese Hot Pots" by Harris Salat

Preparing goya (bitter melon) for champuru

Thai food at Baan Kirao (バーン・キラオ) in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Fresh mochi with kinako, sugar, and soy sauce on New Year's Day, 2010

Curry at Newcastle (ニューキャッスル) in Ginza, Tokyo

A spring lunch: grilled tofu with ponzu; carrot, daikon, and yuzu pickles; rice

Insanely rich tonkotsu ramen at Bunzoh (文蔵) in Saku, Nagano prefecture

Sweet autumn figs from Nagano prefecture

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